Policy Agenda on Volunteering in Europe P.A.V.E.: Working towards a true legacy for EYV 2011

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KategorieBürgerschaftliches Engagement allg. Politik + Ehrenamt Internationales Ehrenamt
The EYV 2011 Alliance Policy Agenda on Volunteering in Europe (P.A.V.E) provides recommendations for a more ecient and eective European policy framework to support and promote volunteers, volunteering, volunteer-involving organisations and their partners. The recommendations include proposals for action echoing the aspects of volunteering policy already identied as needing attention in both the 2009 European Council Decision on EYV 2011 and the EC Communication on Volunteering 2011. The P.A.V.E. recommendations promote and support volunteering as a demonstration of European values, providing a vehicle for active citizenship and contributing to economic and social-capital growth.


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